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Work doesn’t work like it used to. You need to be online, anywhere, and ready to go right now.

Untangled gives you scalable, agile inbound and outbound business phone solutions so you can do business better, from wherever you need to be.

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Untangled has cloud-based business phone solutions for businesses big and small, with no on-premise hardware to install.

Whether you’re in local outbound sales, or providing international inbound customer support, Untangled can help your business do more for less, from anywhere.

Reduce data entry by connecting your Voice with your CRM and other key systems.

Remain flexible as your business needs change, from a small remote team today to large enterprise call centre tomorrow.

Improve visibility and drive better business outcomes, conversions and lead tracking.

Increase productivity and significantly reduce costs compared to traditional on premise equipment

About Untangled

Untangled is driven by a simple goal: make the modern workplace more agile and less complex.

With over 25 years experience in the Australian technology and communication market, Untangled is removing the tangle from the old world of big, expensive telecommunications systems. Untangled is for easy-to-use, instantly scalable, fully integrated cloud-based systems that are customised for your business.

Untangled works with leading technology providers and platforms such as Dialpad, Hubspot, Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft, to bring to your business the best solutions, local support and affordable access to fully integrated systems like you’ve never had before.

Untangled - Australia’s leading reseller of Dialpad

Dialpad is the new age of business communications systems. Fully cloud-based, easy to use, able to integrate seamlessly with your existing business software, and with leading analytics to make working from anywhere work better.

Dialpad’ Voice intelligence (Vi) automatically handles the housekeeping and record keeping, bringing you and your customers into a world of smarter conversations.

Instantly deployable, built for modern platforms and devices, and with no physical hardware to install, Dialpad lets you focus on doing better business, whether you’re working from the office or the living room.

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Untangled is working better with the best businesses.

  • “We had been using a solution from one of the major Australian telcos which worked – but it honestly never felt that it was cutting edge or that it was helping the business progress. The way Untangled have helped us link the conversations our customer service team were having, to the other tools the rest of the business use, has been truly amazing.We never used reports in that part of the business but now it forms a major part of how we coach and develop our whole team.”

    Josh Eaton

  • “Untangled have been great to work with in helping us implement both Dialpad and Hubspot which has allowed our team to work remotely with far fewer hassles than I thought would have been possible. The visibility, easy access and flexability both systems give me as a business owner has allowed Selfmade to adapt to what would have been pretty debilitating circumstances not all that long ago.”

    Rob Huender – Founder

  • “Coming from an environment where we had already implemented a hosted phone system that was sitting in a data centre, I really wasn’t expecting Dialpad to have the impact on the business that it has had. The control and ability it gives our business to make changes without the need to constantly involve technicians has significantly increased the user experience and lowered our telecommunications cost. Win -Win.”

    Andrew Nichols - Managing Director

  • “Untangled really helped us simplify and streamline our communications when our working conditions kept changing because of COVID. We were using mobiles to try and operate but finding that there was some really big problems with trying to keep track of calls coming in and more importantly, who was being called back. Since working with Untangled and implementing Dialpad, we are not missing any calls that come into our business now and we have total visibility across all our personal trainers and their interactions with our BFT members, which is a much better experience for both customers and our staff”

    Body Fit Training
    Daniel Murphy - Owner

  • “Within 30 minutes of speaking with Untangled we had our first operator up and running when our Avaya shut down due to a hardware failure. We chose Dialpad because of the easy set-up and the integrations with O365 and Hubspot, 2 other tools we use on a daily basis. We can grow painlessly using the Dialpad platform and now have a reliable system that allows us to be a virtual company”

    Enova Energy
    Ian Smith – IT Manager

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