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Focus on the conversation with a reliable phone solution that delivers HD audio while nixing note-taking for you

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Why Financial Services Choose Dialpad

A Phone Built for Business

With call routing, local number availability, and automated note-taking with every call, Dialpad’s phone solution offers financial services a professional platform to connect both customers and colleagues across offices, lines, and even countries.

Secure Communications

It goes without saying that data protection is top of mind these days for anyone running a business. Dialpad ensures that whether at rest or in transit, your call data is encrypted and secure.


No need to bother with note-taking, thanks to Voice Intelligence call transcriptions that track who said what and serve up a post-call summary complete with: - Identified speakers - Call direction & timestamp - Audio playback (call recording) - Highlighted action items (ex: “I’ll email you after this call”)

Features that matter

Call Transcripts

Receive automatic call summaries after every call ends including the ability to download or share with others on your team.

Unlimited Audio Recordings

Record every inbound or outbound call with the ability to playback, download, and share recordings or store them in a shared repository.

Call Analytics and Call Logging

Track every conversation across your entire team or drill down into specifics with Dialpad’s analytics platform. Filter calls by speaker, keyword, date or time, and individual phone number.

Softphone, Mobile, and Deskphones

Work across existing devices securely with apps for both cell phones and laptops that keep business and personal conversations separate.

Business App Integrations

Connect your call data including recordings and transcriptions to your existing systems. Sync your G Suite or Office 365 company directory and more, including shared emails and documents with contacts.

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