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Technology has changed in recent years and the NBN has enabled Australian businesses to replace their copper phone lines with modern, internet based phone calls (SIP).

Calls placed with a SIP trunk not only provide a better, HD style call quality but they are far cheaper than your traditional phone lines as well so swapping to an Untangled SIP trunk will no doubt save some much needed money for your business.

If you want to continue to use your existing phone system a little longer, you can bring it along with your current numbers and make the first small step to cloud calling.

To make it even easier, we’ve got two simple plans that you can easily mix ‘n’ match to suit your needs and help you save even more on your bill.

Full Number Portability

In love with your numbers? Number portability allows you to bring your existing numbers over to Untangled

No Hardware Change

SIP can be a cost effective way to ensure any investment you've already made with your current infrastructure is maximised.

More Ways To Save

Only pay for the number of lines you need and the calls you make. No fluff.

Available plans

Untangled SIP Completely Untangled SIP
Monthly Cost $15 $35
Keep your existing numbers Yes Yes
Local Calls 15c per call Included
National Calls 15c per call Included
Mobile Calls 15c per minute Unlimited
International Calls Contact us Contact us

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