3 Reasons To Use Dialpad

August 17, 2020

People often speak of increasing productivity and how the latest piece of software is going to help when a lot of the time it just add more clutter to the pile of tech subscriptions. But lets not fluff around here, Voice (i.e that 1990 business idea of speaking to customers) is still the most productive tool we as business owners still have access to but voice, as an actual busines tool or technology stack, has remained largely undeveloped and most would argue forgotten about altogether in place of website FAQs and chat bots.
Here’s 3 ways that Dialpad is changing the game and leading the fight to prove voice is still the killer productivity application of 2020.
1. Access anywhere, anytime. Bali or Bellingen, Mobile or PC (or even someone else’s PC for that matter) makes no difference with Dialpad. You will always have access to your office phone lines (if you want to)
2. Connects with your other business tools – Pretty key right? Really, what is the point of having access anywhere, anytime if your team can’t see that you’ve been in contact with a customer and you need to call or email everyone just to tell them you’ve returned their call? Connect Dialpad with your CRM and other tools so that all the contact history is maintained against a companies profile for everyone to see anytime, anywhere.
3. Inbuilt Analytics – Ever wondered why Bob closes more sales then Peter? Is it the number of calls he makes or what he says on the calls that is different? Have you noticed that Jane gets much less customer objections or complaints than Marty? What does she say that is so different? Well, relax – Dialpad has you covered with not only real time call volume statistics but also tracks conversational sentiment as well so you can easily spot the difference and use best practice to develop your team.

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