Which SMB’s use Untangled’s Listings?

July 23, 2020

Untangleds Listings is an easy to use tool which helps with 2 main things:
1. It help your business be Found.
2. It helps your get Chosen.
If we are looking for a local cafe, bookstore, petrol station or doctor we usually start with a quick look at our phone these days. From their we can see where they are, when they are open and what they’re like. Where we look varies from person to person.
The problem for cafes, bookstores, petrol stations or doctors often find that certain online tools like Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, TripAdviser, UberEats, Waze, etc.
– Have the wrong address
– Have the wrong opening times
– Have crappy reviews
Also – sometimes we change times or locations and they do not.
This is where our marketing platforms come in to help.
Listings is a single point linked to the largest 50 websites or apps that your customers are looking at. You could update across all of these yourself however it takes a lot of time and as things change you sometimes forget to or don’t have time to update all. Listings does.
Getting FOUND is half the battle. Once you’ve been found the next challenge is how to he CHOSEN. Normally the way people decide where they are going and if they are going to buy these days is peering at reviews.
Once again, this is where we help.
Our Reviews platform will form a simple T-Junction for reviews, ensuring all positive reviews are re-distributed to the online websites and maps which are visited most regularly, ensuring that once you have been FOUND you are more likely to be CHOSEN.
You can do all this yourself (across 50 channels) but it can take forever and might be hard to keep doing all the time.
If you’ like to learn more about Untangled’s marketing tools or would like to take it for a test drive you can ping us or call us here.

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